Has anyone ever played the silly version of Simon says (Do As I Say…)? As a child, I used to love this game; both versions in fact. The aim of this version was to follow the verbal instructions of the leader without being distracted by whatever actions he was doing. For example, the leader would say “clap your hands” while simultaneously jumping up and down, expecting you to clap your hands – his verbal command.

I’ve learned that life can be much like a game of Simon says, in many aspects. Sometimes it can be in our best interest to follow the rules of “Do As I Say and Not As I Do.”

I recently posted a video on my Instagram account with Denzel Washington. Here’s  the text: 

“You’ll never see a U-Haul behind a hearse. Whatever you have in life, you can’t take it with you. The Egyptians tried and all they got was robbed. So, doesn’t matter what you have. What matters is what you do with what you have. Not how much you have but what do you do with what God has given you. I don’t have what you have, you don’t have what I have. We all have unique abilities and unique talents. Who have you lifted up? Who have you made better? Today. That’s what I’m about. I don’t need any statues, I don’t need anything. I’m in the service business. I’m here to serve God. I’m here to serve my family. I’m here to serve.” 

I must be stuck on stupid but I think this is great advice coming from a man of God. Someone saw my video and decided to enlighten me by letting me know that Denzel Washington is apart of the Illuminati. He went on to tag me on 3 of his post where he “exposed” the members of the Illuminati. Others “exposed” were TD Jakes, Kirk Franklin and numerous African-American celebrities. Now, I can neither confirm or deny these accusations and I doubt that he can either. Obviously, I’ve heard about it because it’s been going around the internet for some time now especially as it regards to the celebrities, but I can’t say that I’ve heard about Denzel or these other men of God…This was news to me. 

I contemplated whether I should reply, delete my post or just ignore the whole thing. Then I remembered a scripture…Matthew 23 verse 3 which hit the nail on the head and provided a guide for my response. I replied:

“@handleremoved I try my best not to judge people. I leave the judging unto God. Who are we to condemn someone when we don’t even know their hearts. I don’t know if these accusations are true but even if they are, God made provisions for this behaviour in Matthew 23 v 3 which reads ‘So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.’ “

I waited to see if he had responded. I actually wanted to see his take on the scripture. Crickets! I checked his page and noticed that my comment was deleted. Clearly, I hadn’t hit the send button, I thought. So I replied again. This time I started with “I’m not sure what happened, I think I didn’t hit send, but here’s my response again” and I rewrote the original response.

I waited another 20 minutes for his response…Crickets! I checked his page again and this time he untagged me…lol. In hindsight, I might have been petty. I decided to respond again and this time I tagged everyone who had previously commented on his post. I wrote “I don’t know what’s happening with Instagram but my post keeps disappearing. I was tagged in this post and I would like to respond:)” I followed with my original post. End result…I was blocked:(

So, you invite someone in your conversation and then reject their opinion? I was minding my own business, posting my own interest to my own page and you come along. We need to do away with the idea that everyone has to agree with us. I thought everyone was allowed to have an opinion. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with trying to educate someone but do so without shoving your beliefs down their throats or belittling their beliefs.

Do you know a doctor who smokes? Have you heard of a Pastor guilty of lust? A Judge who has broken the law? They all exist. They have all gone against what they’re supposed to stand for and they will suffer the consequences. This does not invalidate any advice a doctor gives against smoking, a preacher gives against lusting or a judge gives against breaking the law.

In a perfect world, we would lead by example. However, this is not a perfect world. We are all humans here and to err is human. Would I do as you say and not as you do? It all depends on you’re saying.

Happy Sunday…Be Blessed.

Love and Light.


4 thoughts on “Do As I Say…Not As I do

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic, Tamara, and also for following The Write Edge. I hope you find the information there interesting and informative. Wishing you all the well in your future endeavors (and that the next time someone wants to engage you in a conversation that they actually have the grace to listen to what you have to say. :>)

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  2. I love how you responded to this. Yes, we are living in an increasingly evil world…It truly takes God’s wisdom & grace to know how/when to deal with people.

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    1. Hi J L Hunt. Thanks. I just checked out your website and you have something awesome going on. Keep up the great work. I love kids too, I’m not yet a mother so that might change lol. I’ve heard they’re little trouble makers.

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